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Modular Transformation Service

A unique offering within the refurbishment industry, the Modular Transformation Service utilises dilapidated and ageing portable and modular building structures to deliver a completely renovated building. Making full use of our specific experience within the temporary and prefabricated classroom unit markets, the service provides schools with a completely new building finished to permanent standards. This hugely increased lifespan, performance, usability and aesthetic appeal is available at a fraction of the cost of new build, with payment plans and various maintenance and aftercare options available.

What are the benefits?

The benefits to using the Modular Transformation Service come in the cost and time savings that can be achieved against any other type of replacement build, whilst giving you an equivalent standard of building to new build in terms of external appearance, longevity, internal finish and performance. In terms of cost, average savings are well in excess of 50%, ensuring your budget goes a lot further. In terms of time savings, this approach is over 60% quicker than an equivalent traditional project.

What if I want something bigger, or a different layout?

If you want something slightly different to what you had before, then it is easily achieved. Internally, you may decide you want a different layout, to move some windows or doors, or add more windows or doors. Alternatively, if it’s a larger footprint you require, we can extend and add onto your existing building whilst we are undertaking the transformation, which reduces overall costs and disruption caused through an entire demolition and re-building project.  Externally, we can offer a full works package, and will almost always replace any timber steps and ramps with permanent brick and tarmac alternatives, complete with matching powder coated handrails.

How great is the performance difference?

Depending on the age of your building, the performance difference could be vast. We recently decided to undertake pre and post surveys on one of these projects, which involved a building that was only six years old and was regulation compliant at the time of being installed. The building achieved an air leakage result of 9.7 and had roof, wall and floor U values of XX, XX and XX W/m2K respectively, resulting in an overall annual energy usage of XXXkWh. Following completion of the works, the building achieved an air leakage result of 0.92 and an overall energy usage of just XXXkWh, giving a XX% increase in thermal performance and a XX% reduction in running costs.

What is the internal finish like?

Internally, the building will feel like a brand new, permanent addition to your teaching facilities. Replacing any damaged floor boards and then overlaying again will remove “bounce” and improve impact resistance. Completely new floor coverings, including carpet, vinyl, laminate and tiles can all be incorporated. All partition walls will have been upgraded to provide a minimum 45dBr (in line with BB93), will be of extreme impact rating with plaster skim (reducing maintenance offering easy “touch ups”) and decorated with two base coats and a top coat. A completely new ceiling, either suspended or skimmed plasterboard will conceal all electrical wiring and remove any “module joints” that were previously visible.

Won’t the internal environment still be the same?

The internal environment will be the most striking difference by the end of the process. All electrical circuits will have been altered and replaced, with 3 compartment perimeter trunking to classrooms providing new power outlets (visually contrasting to DDA), with highly efficient T5 or T7 lighting used throughout on PIR controls if required. All heating, cooling and ventilation systems (if there are any) are replaced with cutting edge combined heat and cool, climate controlled air-source heat pumps, which offer a performance co-efficient ratio in excess of 4:1. Working in tandem with the performance increases from the building structure modifications, this offers an unrivalled internal environment.

How do I go about organising a project like this?

We offer a complete service, from initial surveys of your structure, to full design and project programmes. We manage planning permission and building control applications where required, as well as site logistics, health and safety and project planning. Once a design is agreed, we produce full costings and schedules to agree, and can begin the works with very short lead-in times. Our service includes any disconnection of existing services required, including fire and intruder alarms, door access systems and data connections. We then manage the complete reimplementation of these systems as appropriate throughout the project, delivering you a ready to use building, fully furnished if required.

What if I don’t own the building?

If you don’t own the building, it’s slightly more complicated but definitely not impossible. We can guide you through the process of either taking ownership, or arrange an alternative for you either through our fleet or from one of our partner networks. The best way to approach this is to Contact Us to discuss in more detail; that way we can advise you on exactly how to deal with your particular situation.

To discuss this in more detail, please Contact Us to talk to one of our team, or to arrange a free initial survey and feasibility exercise to help with your business case or funding application.