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We offer a full range of planning, construction and installation related services including that can be combined or selected as individual requirements. Scrolling down the list will show the services provided within a project timeline, and following the links will take you to a more in depth explanation of exactly what we can deliver.

Surveys, Funding Applications and Feasibility Studies

Free initial surveys to gather the scope of works, and free feasibility reports including budget costs and programmes to enable you to put your business case together.


With any building or refurbishment project, the first thing to do is fully understand the scope of works required.  To help you do that, we offer the following services completely free of charge:

  • Free initial survey and scope-of-works meeting with a member of our highly trained team
  • Free outline designs showing how things could work
  • Free outline programme of works, showing project timescales and key dates
  • Free budget costing, following your scope of works, with suggested options and alternatives
  • Free proposal report, to help you make your business case or application

Once you have all the information that you need, you may decide to submit an application to draw funds from the next round of EFA Expansion or CIF budget.  Our team are experienced in assisting with and delivering both new build and refurbishment applications.  We offer this guidance and support completely free of charge, and can even submit the application for you if required.

Alternatively, you may decide to present your business case to the governing body or board, at which point we can support you by preparing collateral and assisting with the presentation.  For more information on just how much we can help, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Concept Designs

Free concept designs showing floor plans, elevations and 3D projections of how your project could work, together with outline specifications for performance purposes.


Once the scope-of-works is understood, it helps to see a visual representation of what that scope delivers. We are able to deliver high quality concept work, free of charge, through our fully qualified team of:

  • Architects
  • Architectural technicians
  • Structural engineers
  • Town planners
  • Building surveyors
  • BREEAM assessors

We can provide you with 2D floor plans, 3D elevations and isometric views, realistic rendered visual representations and, on larger complete transformation projects, detailed 3D virtual walkthroughs. These concepts can help you to clearly picture the end result, and will increase chances of a successful funding application or business case proposal.

Out team can also provide you with outline performance specifications for the proposed works, vital in helping you make the decision on whether to proceed with the works or not. To speak to us about how to engage with our concept design team, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Planning and Building Control Applications

Planning permission and building control application submissions, including support with discharging planning conditions to assist with your business case.


Planning permission and building control applications can be a complicated process, requiring specialist knowledge of the national and local laws and regulations. Our team includes town planning specialists with vast amounts of experience in writing and managing these applications, and we are able to assist as little or as much as required with this area. Where a complete new application is required, we can undertake this for you, reducing the administrative burden.

Before the applications are submitted, we can advise on what intrusive surveys may be required in order to validate the application, and can arrange these for you. Once the applications have been submitted, we can manage them through for you; including the discharge of any conditions and negotiating with any other parties where required.

If you require any support or assistance with your planning permission or building control applications, or for any advice on an existing application, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Demolition and Removal Works

Full suite of demolition and removal works including strip out of existing services, asbestos removal and demolition of whole/part structures to enable further works.


Trying to manage separate companies all carrying out different areas on one project can be a difficult and messy process. Refurb 1 Ltd is able to offer a complete demolition and removal works package prior to any main works taking place, which includes:

  • Site preparation safety works and full method statements and risk assessments
  • Careful removal and storage of any items to be reused
  • Asbestos surveys and professional asbestos removal process
  • Waste segregation and recycling wherever possible
  • Protection of internal surfaces and finishes where required
  • Demolition and removal of structural or non-structural internal and external building parts
  • Removal existing building services/structures including decoration and floor coverings
  • Removal of old modular and pre-fabricated structures, including ground remediation

There are instances where, through our experience in specialist building techniques, we are able to save building structures and deliver a completely new environment, with an extended life of 30 years or more.  In these instances, we are able to deliver an effectively new-build project at around 50% of the cost, with huge savings in time and minimal localised disruption.

If you wish to learn more about our unique and economical way of approaching demolition, please view our examples of the Modular Transformation Service. Alternatively, to arrange a survey or to speak to one of our team, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


External Works

Ability to carry out all groundworks, hard and soft landscaping and canopy/walkway works including foundations and drainage, fixed play equipment and structures, sports pitches and multi-use games areas (MUGA’s).


Our focus as a specialist education contractor means that we understand how important cleverly designed, safe and well delivered external works package can be. Our services incorporate groundwork, hard and soft landscaping and external structures including:

  • Foundations, service trenching and sustainable drainage systems (SUDS)
  • Hard landscaping, paving, blockwork, concrete, tarmacadam and safety-play surfacing
  • Soft landscaping including scheme development, turf, planting schemes and sensory areas
  • Sports pitches, games courts and multi-use-games-areas (MUGA’s)
  • Fixed play equipment including trim trails, climbing equipment and learning zones
  • Fixed and self-supporting canopies, covered walkways, pergolas and amphitheatres

All external works are fully programmed and delivered under strict health and safety conditions. We will submit a detailed method statement and risk assessment well in advance of any works carrying out and, where appropriate, you will be provided with a user guide incorporating maintenance instructions following completion of the works.

We are able to carry out an often next day survey for all external works requirements. To arrange this, or to speak to one of our experienced team, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Extensions, Claddings and Façades

Traditional and modern-method extensions, replacements or repairs to existing buildings, as well as replacement cladding options and façades treatments.


The ability to carry out traditional or modern “fast-track” extensions in conjunction with our full service offering makes us an excellent partner for any expansion projects you may be considering. The same skills enable us to offer repairs and/or replacements of all cladding options and façade treatments, including:

  • Insulation and vapour barrier upgrades and renewal/replacement
  • Full brick and block work packages including repointing and repairs
  • Approved brick-slip installer for specialist areas
  • Traditional and acrylic render treatments
  • Cedar, thermally impregnated timber and timber-impersonation
  • Aluminium, zinc and copper cladding replacement or renewal
  • TrespaTM, RockpanelTM and other rainscreen cladding systems

As a specialist in this sector, we are used to managing these works around and within live school environments, working with you to ensure that there is minimum disruption and no risk to your staff or pupils. We organise all plant and equipment required, and will prepare all health and safety documentation including risk assessments and methods statements in advance of embarking on the works for your peace of mind.

An initial survey from one of our team will help us assess your requirements and enable full cost and programme proposals to be put forward. To arrange this, or to speak to one of our experienced team, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Window, Door and Curtain Wall Installation

Installation or replacement/repair of windows, doors and curtain walls including all building works in connection with (BWIC) and making good. 


The biggest areas of poor thermal performance and heat loss within older buildings are draughty and poorly fitted windows and doors. Replacement of these items within older structures can be a stressful and disruptive process, combining multiple traders that often have to be organised individually. Our skills range and experience means that we can offer a stress-free, one stop solution to all replacements and repairs, including:

  • Timber, PVC, aluminium and composite window repairs and replacements
  • Single, double and triple glazed units with a range of specialist coatings and treatments for increased thermal performance and reduced solar gain
  • Timber, aluminium and steel door sets, including associated access system and fire alarm works
  • Aluminium curtain walling installation, including preparation or creation of apertures
  • All builders work in connection with (BWIC), including removal and disposal, installation, redecoration and protection of existing surfaces

Our strong supply chain and experience with a range of different systems and manufacturers means that we can deal with any supply issues and offer advice on each system, including up-front cost, performance, maintenance costs and useful life-expectancy. As with all our services we will work to plan the programme with you, phasing works where required to ensure minimal disruption.

To discuss the pros and cons of the various options available and/or how a complete or partial refit package could be undertaken, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail or to speak to one of our experienced team.


Roof Replacements, Repairs or Alterations

Extensive experience in replacement, repair or alterations to existing or new roofs, including flat roof membrane, asphalt and bitumen based roofs, traditional tiled or slated roofs or metal standing seam roofs.


Even small roof leaks can often very quickly escalate to cause major damage to a building and should be dealt with immediately.  This damage can often extend to costs well in excess of the initial replacement of an area of roof, and can include major internal structural and aesthetic remediation. Where a roof is reaching or has gone beyond its serviceable lifespan, a total replacement should be considered wherever capital or maintenance budget allows.  Our experience with flat, pitched and specialist roof types means we can provide:

  • Total or partial replacement or repair works to any type of roof
  • Extensive experience with membrane, asphalt and bitumen based flat and zero-pitch roofs
  • Traditional pitched and tiled or slated roof repairs or replacements
  • Metal standing seam roof installation
  • Gutter, fascia and soffit alteration or adaptation or remediation
  • Full management of RAMS, access equipment and site safety

Different types of roofs have different life-expectancies and maintenance protocols, and choosing a partner that can advise you on the various options available will help maximise your capital and maintenance budgets, whilst minimising short term disruption during installation, and eliminating ongoing disruption from leaks and continual internal repairs.

Wherever possible we will dispatch a team immediately if you have an issue with an existing roof that is leaking, even though we won’t have installed it. If you want to embark on a roof replacement project, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail or to speak to one of our experienced team.


Internal Works and Refurbishment

Complete internal works package including demolition and removal, structural and non-structural partition works, mechanical and electrical installations or alterations, specialist furniture and equipment, and finishing works including finished ceilings, decoration and flooring.


Executing an internal refurbishment works programme successfully takes careful planning and consideration, and requires an organisation with experience in that environment. Our turnkey service which includes designs, surveys, programming and delivery of the works allows you to combine everything with one chosen partner. Our turnkey internal remodelling and refurbishment works include:

  • Demolition, preparation or removal of any structural or non-structural partitions or walls
  • Creation and alterations to internal layouts through new structural or non-structural partion walls
  • Electrical works including rewiring, “re-lighting and re-lamping”, new circuit installation and data and alarm provision and containment
  • Mechanical works including heating systems, diversion works, cooling and ventilation
  • Specialist furniture and fit out including science laboratories, technology labs and IT suites
  • Finishing works including decoration, carpet, vinyl and solid flooring, suspended ceilings and deep cleans

Selecting a turnkey provider that can provide and manage all trades simultaneously will eliminate and crossover and conflict, ensuring that nothing is missed in the placing of packages. All internal works are strictly managed from a quality of delivery and health and safety perspective, and we will communicate with you on a regular basis to ensure complete satisfaction with the works.

We can carry out an initial survey and concept designs for your project often within a few days. To learn more about our range of managed services, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail or to speak to one of our experienced team.


Aftercare, Maintenance and Extended Life Packages

Condition surveys, cyclical and routine maintenance plans and complete extended life packages, all managed by one trusted partner offering a range of contract options or contracted as required.


Whether you have undergone a largescale remodelling programme, have recently had work carried out or are trying to prolong the life of your existing building, maintenance and aftercare is an essential service that can significantly delay capital expenditure on replacement. As a construction and maintenance specialist, and through partnership with sister-company Maintain 1 Ltd, we are able to offer a suite of packages to significantly enhance and prolong the usable life of both old and new building elements, including:

  • Regular testing and certification of electrical and mechanical systems
  • Regular service and maintenance of air-conditioning and air-filtration systems
  • Scheduled checks and planned maintenance to roofs and external envelopes, including state-of-the-art electrical roof penetration surveys
  • Scheduled checks and planned maintenance to fenestration
  • Scheduled replacement programmes based on estimated component lifespans
  • Full health-check surveys with notices of action required lists

We can offer all or any of these services as one off solutions to a requirement that you have, or as part of a regular and planned maintenance routine that you are already undertaking. Alternatively, we can undertake a complete survey and provide a planned maintenance routine for your approval, which can then be dealt with as an ongoing contract with fixed payments, or on a pay as required basis. Our understanding of the environment and the various disciplines required ensure that, whatever service you require, you will only ever need one point of contact.

For more information on our cyclical and routine maintenance packages, or to request a survey or meeting, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail or to speak to one of our experienced team.


Modular Transformation Service

A completely unique service which delivers brand new environments at a fraction of the cost and disruption of a new build, through utilising existing dilapidated structures that may be on your site, specialising in owned or hired modular and pre-fabricated building structures.


A unique offering within the refurbishment industry, the Modular Transformation Service utilises dilapidated and ageing portable and modular building structures to deliver a completely renovated building. Making full use of our specific experience within the temporary and prefabricated classroom unit markets, the service provides schools with a completely new building finished to permanent standards. This hugely increased lifespan, performance, usability and aesthetic appeal is available at a fraction of the cost of new build, with payment plans and various maintenance and aftercare options available.



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