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Hodge Hill Girls School, Birmingham

Conversion of a redundant temporary hall into new educational learning facility


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I used the Modular Transformation Service on an old dining and exam hall that we had initially hired five years ago.  Refurb 1 Ltd talked us through the process, and then guided us through the purchase of the building from its original owner.  Eleven weeks later, we had a building that is unrecognisable from the original.  Outside, the building looks brand new and is a welcome addition to the school premises.  The little details, like the windows and doors matching the handrails and the gutters, have all been well thought through.  Inside, the classrooms are now some of the best in the school - the teachers are now arguing over who gets to use them first!  It was a first class project experience, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben and the excellent site team we had here to anyone that requires building work.

Mr SL, Premises Manager, Girls School, Birmingham